Fully dedicated to requirements driven digital terrain elevation modeling

OmniDEM® is an easy-to-use digital elevation modeling (DEM) software system. Through its tight integration with established geo parameters and standards, its purpose is to maximize the efficiency of stereo terrain modeling by providing accurate and simplified software tools. OmniDEM allows users to accurately model, fuse, and manage terrain models with the highest confidence.

GeoGenesis is now fully integrated with, and offered as a module of, IApioneer™.

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U.S. Government Users: OmniDEM is available as Government-off-the-shelf (GOTS) software on a royalty-free basis

To get the Government-off-the-shelf (GOTS) version of OmniDEM, visit the Download or Purchase page for more information.





OmniDEM is built on our common code foundation. Other modules include:


GeoGenesis® - an easy-to-use imagery
processing and photogrammetric workstation


FeatureXTract - an easy-to-use
feature extraction and 3-D modeling
software system


Worthy Highlights

OmniDEM® is now fully integrated with IApioneer™. See more in What’s New.


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